Sajal Karmakar

Tabla Maestro

Melody Of Drums

The third segment of the evening consisted of "Melody of Drums" conducted by Sajal Karmakar. For a long time a disciple of Shankar Gosh, he has used a number of instruments in his "melody of drums" such as tabla, pakhawaj, dhak, dhol, karanakara, jal taranga, tabla taranga, pasha, madol and daphli. Amitabha Mukherji, Sajal Ganguli, Subir Mondal and Babul Banerjee were the talented percussionists who helped Sajal Karmakar to present three music compositions. "Utsav" was the second piece, in raag Jog and Chautal. It followed the ancient tradition of classical music. The use of typical drums ushered in the spirit of the festival. The evening was rounded off with a jhala.


Volles Haus für indische Künstler

Bis auf den letzten Platz gefüllt war Donnerstag beim „Fest der Sinne“ das „mon ami“. Neben dem indischen Percussionisten und Tabla-Meister Sajal Karmakar begeisterte auch Molly Roy Chaudhuri mit Ihrem klassischen indischen Tanz das Publikum. Das „Fest der Sinne“ endete mit einem ausgelassenen Percussion-Tanzabend erst gegen 1:30 Uhr.

Concert with Ustad Nissar Hussain Khan

(...) It was followed by a tarana in the same raga. Sajal Karmakar's tabla sangat was unobtrusive yet et supportive, Mehfooz Khan accompaniment on the the harmonium praiseworthy. Ghulam Akbar Khan gave him good vocal support, providing a fitting foil to the master artiste. (...)

An enjoyable evening:
Concert with Pandit Jasraj

(...) Pt. Jasraj absorbed in his vocal recital of Raag Darbari at Prayag Sangit Samiti, Allahabad, on Tuesday.

He was accompanied on tabla by Sajal Karmakar of Calcutta, who gave all support. (...)