Sajal Karmakar

Tabla Maestro

A spill Biding Performance

A flawless performances brought in an invitation for a second celebration at the Indian Statistical Institute. The "Melody of Drums" created and performed by the eminent artist Mr. Sajal Karmakar made the spectators spellbound, and thus, came in the instant request of second celebration. The captivating rendition, created such a magical aura, amidst the audience, that the organizers failed to resist themselves from inviting him for second programme.

The whole event was a magical harmony of the symphonies of the Indian Instruments namely, Tabla, Pakhwaj, Dhol, Dugi Taranga, Tabla Taranga, Bangla Handi, Dhak, Kada Nakada, Kanshar, Mandira, Kastha taranga etc. Apart from these, the only western Instrument Cinbal also added to the musical symphony to create a magical aura.

This worthy Orchestra was divided into 3 parts.

The first was “Creation” which means to create: this part was created under the folds of Dhrupad- Chautal. At the beginning, Creation walked taking the path of the normal sapan. Then it took turn through the paths where the span moved from 4/3 top 3/2 and to 2 reaching a pinnacle. The beautiful twist of the Spans. The beauty of Butt. The use of Tabla Taranga as Nagma for raga Yog, and the harmony of Tabla- Pakhwaj-Dhol-Mandira-Khol brought in a taste of difference without hampering the establish characteristics of Dhrupad.

The next part was named “Festive” meaning a festival. The inter using ling of the symphonies of Dhak, Bangla Dhol and Khol created an air of sweetness. Moreover the swinging rhythm of Dadra created an atmosphere of Festivity in the hearts of the audience. It seemed that all the instruments through individual were a member of a joint family.

The last was “Fulfillment” meaning no fulfil. It was under the fold of the most popular Trital and the raga was Chandrakosh, sorry, a mixture of Chandrakosh and other raga because at time it did left the tracks of this raga but soon returned to it.

In this part only by using two halves of Dhols (the Daya of one and Bayan of another) created such an effect of sound and rhythm that one was kept thinking whether he/she was hearing the popular African Congo or the Indian Dhol? The singing of Gadi Ghane Tadha as Mukhada and then slowly elevating to the Jhala part where it was question and answering of the instruments. Then ultimate ending in Tihai created memories all sweet in the heart of the spellbound audience.

The creator of this Orchestra Sajal Karmakar is successful both as performed as well as conductor. The other preforms who contributed the make this a grand success were: Naresh Mukhopadhay, Kajal Dey, Siddhartha Bhattachrya, Rupak Mitra, Balai Saha and Sajal Ganguly.

Please give your valuable comments regarding Melody of Drums.

“This is the best performance of drums i have witnessed. I have been in Afrika, USA and South America and heard the melody of drums in diffrent styles. The performance by Sajal Karmakar is most enchanting.”

Professor C. R. Rao was, until recently, in the Faculty of Penn State University, USA as "Eberly Chair Professor of Statistics". A former Director of indian Statistical Institute, Professor Rao migrated to the United States in mid 70s. He is the senior most living statistician in the world

He has been awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree from more than 30 Universities all over the world! Most recently, President George W. Bush awarded him the Highest Scientific Honour the United States. Professor Rao has been acredited with the second highest civilian Honour by the Gol: "Padma-Bibhuson". Recently Biswa-Bharati University bestowed upon him the title: "Desikottwam".